Hooniverse Asks Bonus: What Would a Hooniverse SEMA Display Look Like?

The SEMA Show has likely been dominating your social feeds all this week and for good reason. Over 2,000 companies dealing in the beloved automotive specialty products industry bring their parts and show cars to Las Vegas for a week of automotive overload. Every big player in the game gets their own booth to show the world what they’ve got, which got me thinking…
If through some horrible chain of events SEMA approved Hooniverse to set up a display booth at their show, what would our display look like?
Which of our LeMons cars would make the cut? Would the Wombat be finished in time? How many rusty car parts would we have on display? Have fun with this one. And as correct as it would be, we can’t just accept “the best SEMA display ever” as an answer.


  1. They don’t let you have a booth just for being awesome (as much as they should), you have to be a specialty equipment manufacturer. So the question is really “What should Hooniverse make?”

    1. Based on our current fleet and what we end up talking about regularly: Quirky, retro-looking off-road parts for Toyota 4x4s and for things not meant to go off-road but totally could when set up right.

  2. First, we’d have to gofundme the worst “Hooniverse Asks” idea, then budget five years to get it done.

  3. (1) Solicit donations from the garages/sheds/storage units/curbs of Hooniverse readers, ideally the stuff that wouldn’t go at a garage sale even if we had enough ambition to hold one, but with which we are willing to, so to speak, part. The use of the word “part” here constitutes foreshadowing, by the way.
    (2) Box everything in a way that (and this is important) obscures the contents. Stencil all of the boxes “Hooniverse Speed Parts.” Go ahead and include the quotes and the period, because why not?
    (3) Display tastefully. Firmly deflect any inquiries about opening the boxes because of reasons.
    (4) At the end of the show, walk away without (and this is important) looking back. With any luck if you used the old Hooniverse logo for the stencil instead of the new one in step (2), the organizers won’t track anything back to this site.
    (5) Apply for next year’s booth using the new logo. We’ll have more stuff by then.

    1. Ooohh. Slot car versions of MD Harrells cars?
      Put me down for a Maestro and an Allegro. And a Freeway (how will that work with it’s three wheels?) A KV mini, I can probably make myself.

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