Hooniverse Asks: What weird engine type do you wish wound up in a production car?

I’m fascinated by radial engines. They dance in a way that’s familiar but the moves are just a little different. Radial engines put their hips into it. And they’ve never found favor in the automotive space, outside of one-off race cars or insane project builds. Some have tried shoving them into motorcycles, but the main application of a radial engine is in the nose of an airplane. Occasionally, they’d be used to power a tank as well.

I’d love to see more examples of a radial engine in a car. Conversely, is there a production vehicle that could’ve used one?

What other unique or strange engine configurations are out there? And which would you like to have seen go into a production vehicle? Maybe someone was working on an offset V3? Did we have early options for compressed air besides boiling water into steam?

Sound off below and let us all learn about some great oddball engines.

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