Hooniverse Asks: What was your wedding chariot?

The week of my wedding is finally here. After endless planning throughout an 16-month engagement, the event itself is this coming Saturday. My fiancé (not for long…) and I are ecstatic. The feeling is surreal. This time next week I’ll be a married man, and we a married couple.

A few days ago while discussing the wedding I told my fiancé that it’s close enough now to be all-consuming, that it has taken over the entirety of my thoughts. Jokingly, and without hesitation, she asked, “what is, cars?”

For a long while marriage was only a novel concept to me, a distant “thing adults do” that always seemed out of reach. Not having gone to many weddings in my life probably had something to do with it. As such, the large majority of my exposure to weddings was through television and movies. And so, we, as car enthusiasts, always think: What should we leave our wedding in?

The “Just Married” vehicle that carries you away from your wedding is perpetually romanticized. Much to the chagrin of my fantasies, our wedding has a hotel-to-venue-and-back shuttle so I won’t technically be driving away in something on my own. But transportation on our two-day mini-moon following the weekend will come courtesy of my 5th gen 4Runner. Not exactly the vintage convertible with streamers and white flowers that you dream of, but a vehicle we’re happy to have taking us on our first adventure as a married couple.

So how about you? What was your wedding chariot?

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