Tired Puch G on the island of Corsica

Hooniverse Asks: What was your favorite automotive photo from 2018?

Yesterday, our News Man Greg and a few other editors compiled a handful of photographs in an effort to share their favorites of 2018. Today I’m turning that task over to you. We want to hear about your favorite automotive photos from the past year. I can’t pull my own favorites in as we’re still working to bring the old back posts and media from Hooniverse 1.0 over to Hooniverse 2.0.

In the post yesterday, I shared some of my own personal favorites that I originally posted to Instagram. While it’s clear that video has become a big part of my own daily routine, I still relish the chance to snap photos. It doesn’t happen often enough these days where the lens cap comes off my big Canon 5D. To fill that void, Instagram has proven a great place for sharing lots of pictures.

Still, there are times when I do get to toy with full-frame machinery, manual camera settings, and real deal lenses. During the recent Ford Ranger drive, I trekked down to a pre-built course complete with a mud puddle. Shooting there was easy and fun.

Another opportunity presented itself during a road trip to Yosemite. I borrowed an Audi S5 Sportback, packed up the family, loaded a bike on the roof, and set off North. This was the first week that the park reopened after suffering through the all-too-familiar California wildfire. But Yosemite was still looking wonderful. I’d never been before. The sense of scale there is truly epic. Point your camera in any direction and you’ll capture something magnificent. Be it wildlife, waterfalls, cinematic fields, or rock walls reaching far into the sky, there’s something waiting to be photographed everywhere you look.

half dome yosemite sunset half dome yosemite

Those last two aren’t automotive photos but they were taken during a road trip, so I’m letting them stay. But enough from me – it’s your turn to share your favorites from 2018. Be they your own shots or someone else’s work, let it all fly in the comment section below.

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