Hooniverse Asks: What was the Ultimate Luxury Car of the '70s?

lincoln For car nuts, the Seventies were a dark time. Safety, emissions and fuel economy standards sapped the fun out of most cars sold during the era, as car makers seemingly couldn’t keep up with the times. Today, we look back at many of those rides and frequently decide, I’d rather walk. The changing social climes of the ’70s may have robbed us of performance, but a lot of car makers tried to make up for that deficit by troweling on the luxury features. That way, even if we were stuck driving cars that were akin to trying to walk on a leg that has fallen asleep, at least we’d be cosseted in fine Corinthian leather or magic eye head lamps. Now, the Queen Mary II may be today both the fastest and most luxurious ocean liner in the world, but with ’70s cars you can’t have your cake and eat it too. That’s why we’re sticking with the luxury side of things and are asking you today, what was the ultimate luxury car from the ’70s? Image: The Mustang Source

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