Hooniverse Asks: What Was History’s Greatest VW Beetle-Based Kit Car?

Have you ever seen people try and reinvent themselves when going away to college. Maybe they want to erase an embarrassing chapter of their life that spanned high school, or maybe they wish to set the stage for anonymity so they could mastermind crimes down the road.
There was an era—one that peaked in the late 1970s—where a lot of Volkswagen Type 1 owners attempted to do the same thing with their cars. Well, maybe not the whole crime spree thing, but you get the idea. During the golden age of the kit car you could have turned your VW Beetle into anything from a faux MGTD to the most flamboyant-looking supercar imaginable, and pretty much everything in between.
What we’re interested in discussing today is your opinion as to which of those VW-based kit cars was the best, and by best I mean—in some way—most desirable.  What do you think, what was history’s greatest VW kit car?
Image: e-volks.com


      1. As a kid growing up in Europe, I had a toy car like this. Never imagined it was a real thing.

    1. VW only pulled the plug off the Brubaker project, because they feared safety discussions. Worldwide approx 20 did survive and all of them are registered as Volkswagen.

    2. I read about the Brubaker Box in one of the cars mags and always had the jones for one. Was the windshied the rear window from a Pinto?

    1. As a serious take on the same idea,there are some pretty great VW-based 356 replicas that allow the experience without having to shell out the expense for the supply-limited real thing.

    1. Despite having upvoted a few responses here for good VW kit cars, this is the greatest in my opinion too

  1. As a rule, I despise fake versions of other cars, but there are a select few that through their ubiquity, have earned their own place of respect. People with Cobra replicas aren’t (generally) trying to fool anyone. It’s not a fake Cobra; It’s a real Factory Five.
    That’s how I feel about 550 Spyder replicas. If you have a Beck 550, it’s a real Beck as much as it is a fake Porsche.

    1. The Becks are nice cars – well thought out and nicely finished. They remind me of the early German specials built on the VW chassis.

      1. Beck is in a class by itself. Far above any kit car, a replica yes, and probably better then the original.

      1. Sort of. Down here they were called fuori serie-irregular series production, if you will. The thing is, even if they were assembled in a production line, the way it all worked was very similar to a kit car build. They used all original vw components and barring the body and trim inside and out, all the mechanical and electric stuff was oem. They were neat, surely, but the Brubaker box was more elaborate in its production.

  2. In my opinion, the Beetle is superior to anything anyone has attempted to build off of its chassis. And that’s not saying much.

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