Hooniverse Asks: What vehicle should the Super Bowl MVP receive?

For more than a decade, the most valuable player during the Super Bowl received a car as a prize for earning the MVP status. That was when General Motors was a major sponsor of the season-capping football game. Now that Hyundai has taken over that spot, the MVP ride has gone away.
Let’s pretend, for a moment, that there wasn’t an automaker sponsor but instead that Hooniverse won Powerball and we got to choose the vehicle. What would the Super Bowl MVP receive if Hooniverse could choose?
Since I’m a Patriots fan, I’d probably give Nick Foles a Versa Note. I will note that the Eagles deserved that win though, and Foles was most certainly the MVP of the winning squad.
So to which vehicle does the MVP key belong?


  1. I would say that since he plans on being a youth pastor after football a 15 passenger van would make sense.

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