Hooniverse Asks- What Should Henrik Fisker do Next?


Automotive history is littered with flighty bon vivants who’s dream was to start an eponymous car company, only later to see that dream turn into a very expensive reality. The latest to say see ya’, wouldn’t want to be ya’ is Henrik Fisker who last week bailed on his namesake hybrid car company. This is actually the second iteration of  the company bearing the Dane’s name, his Fisker Coachbuild merging with Quantum Technologies to form Fisker Automotive, maker of the beautiful and claustrophobia-inducing Karma.

They say winners never quit and quitters never win, but considering Henrik’s track record – which includes designing the Aston Martin DB9, BMW Z8, and his own BMW and Mercedes-based custom coach cars – you may forgive him for seeing the writing on the wall and stepping down from his leadership post as Chairman of Fisker Automotive.

But the question for today is what should a man of such accomplishment and potential – and who is barely 50 – do next? Should Fisker start another car company – maybe try his had at uber super cars? The dude’s got the name recognition. Or maybe he should stick to design? There’s no shame in revisiting your past when it’s wall to wall packed with success. What do you think, what should Henrik Fisker do next – I mean, after going to Disneyland?

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      1. I have seen your acquisitions and am incredibly jealous. I also see that some fiskerish design would help the appeal of your bugeyed pedal car a lot. Hence my recommendation. =8^)

  1. It's Tuesday, so the obvious answer is motorbikes. He should join the burgeoning 'lectric motorcycle fray. I would like to see what he could do.

    1. I wasn’t even thinking about today being Tuesday, but my first thought was motorcycles. But I didn’t vote motorcycles, just because I’m afraid it would be electric. I wouldn’t be averse to a hybrid bike, but it really needs to have an engine and a conventional transmission. I don't think that a rider interface akin to the driver interface of a Karma would not play well in the motorcycle market.

      1. Electric bikes are awesome. Last fall at Daytona, Eric Bostrom was lapping nearly as quickly as 600cc full race bikes and hitting 167mph on the back straight. The only thing preventing them from going faster is heat generated by the motor. I ride an old school carburetted stupid fast ZZR1200 and I have to say that bombing around town on a Brammo is a lot more fun (but not more fun on open roads yet).

  2. Three words: Fisker Design Institute. They say that those than can, do. He has done, and while I’m sure he could do more, there is a limit to how much design work one can accomplish in a lifetime, but if he can impart some of his aesthetic sensibilities to the next generation of car designers, the possibilities are endless.

      1. Next thing you know, Fisker punches Musk in the face & we have a new TV show "Billionare Boxing."

        1. I would watch. I would watch it twice. I would watch it even if it had Flava Flav in it.

  3. Go jump in a lake?
    Seriously, he's an arrogant, rich entrepreneur who makes products for other arrogant, rich entrepreneurs. I couldn't begin to care even a tiny bit what Fisker does.

  4. Give him a week's respite from bilking the taxpayer out of money.
    He'll be a lobbyist by the end of the month, and it won't be because April Fool's day.

  5. He and Elon should partner up to introduce a man's cologne – Fisker Musk. Smells like melted insulation and copper.

  6. I say he should work at a company that's currently making premium cars that are for the most part good, but have overworked, fiddly, messed up styling. I'm talking about you, Lexus.

        1. I have to admit, I dunno what they're doing or who thought that that design cue was a good idea. Who actually thought that looked good?

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