Hooniverse Asks: What should 2018 Santa drive?

Yes I know the date. But know for me that Christmas basically began the second the Thanksgiving Turkey slid down my gullet. A three-year-old child forces holidays on you at a faster rate than which you’re used to.
So then I ask, what would 2018 Santa drive? He still has the sleigh, but that’s his work truck. When he’s tootling around, what does 2018 Santa drive?


      1. Santa hauls ‘shine in the summer?!?! So that’s how he pays for all the toys. That explains what all the elves are doing now that all the toys get made in China.

    1. I thought of the Suzuki Ignis, but as a more rotund gent I’m going for something larger. Land Cruiser

  1. Gentlemen (sic):
    I am disappointed at some of the suggestions so far. Plain, thrifty, utilitarian vehicles for Santa? I don’t think so.
    First, let me remind you that Santa, like Guy Fieri, likes to dress, uh flamboyantly stylishly. This is a dude who wears a red hat for goodness sake.
    Next, we know from the evidence that Santa likes some horsepower (okay, okay, reindeer power, for you Metric nuts). I ask you to note that Santa could be cruising around with six reindeer, or even four if he turbocharged them (heh, heh, don’t ask). BUT: No, Santa demands eight reindeer, count em, eight!
    Finally, I suggest that Santa isn’t someone who is slave to the latest fashion trends – again, look at his clothing choices. He’s still rocking the same look he had in those 1940’s Coca Cola ads he did. Additional proof can be seen in the fact that he never brought me any of the latest toys… they were always stuff the cool kids had had two or three years earlier.
    So, my thought is that Santa’s daily is a nicely resto-modded 55 Cadillac Brougham like this one:

      1. I have that ornament. It’s part of a series. My wife would buy me the new one each year. She must not be a fan, though, ’cause I don’t see any of them on our trees this year.

        1. The question was “What car should Santa drive?”. No specification whether it’s Santa Claus or the lesser known South Pole Santa Dieter we’re talking about…

  2. Santa knows who has been naughty and who was nice. That’s some powerful information.
    Party bus with a stripper pole. Bad girls go everywhere.

  3. Santa would definitely need a Mack Titan, probably an Australian built version for the 5 trailer road train. Just for all the self-entitled children of lawn mower parents.

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