I pulled out the center console of my Montero. My plan was to remove the old aftermarket stereo with an updated one. It was easy to get inside, just four bolts held the plastic trim in place. A few knobs from the HVAC system needed to be pulled off. And that was it. I now had full access to guts of the center stack.

And then I failed. I was rushing for time, but I assumed this to be an easy job. The Internet assures me that it is, but I wasn’t properly prepared. That preparation goes a long way, and I’m going to rectify my steps this afternoon. I’ll have a wrench redemption party, though this one is more of a wire-stripper/crimper shindig.

What part of car repair or general automotive DIY is easier than people think? I see wires and I start to sweat. Even if they’re just slim, audio wires, I have a brain meltdown when it comes to all things electrical. But a few videos and how-to’s online have given me a new plan of attack. I think this might actually be easier than I initially imagined. A trip to the local auto parts store will allow me to come armed with the right connectors. Tips on determining which bit of old wiring goes where is also great, and easy, knowledge.

So I’ll dive back in today and see if this truly is an easy job.

What other easy automotive repair/upgrade jobs are out there?