My 4Runner is almost ten years old. Oddly enough, a brand new 2019 4Runner is almost exactly the same as my 2010, which we’ll discuss later. But this is why with 60,000 miles on it I really have no reason to upgrade to a newer 4Runner.

But there is one thing I’d love to get – better audio. I’m thinking speaker upgrade, which is easy. Apple CarPlay would be nice but I don’t really like most aftermarket units but I’ve been looking.

One thing I noticed is that there is much fewer choices than before. In the 1990s the world was full of DIN, DIN and a half, and double DIN units. But since then the automotive world has integrated radios into the overall dash design. Further, those units have become substantially more complex, with cameras, steering wheel controls, microphones, satelite radio, and phone integration.

Unless you have a much older car, or a brand new 4Runner, you’re unlikely to be exploring a purchase of a new radio. Even on some late model vehicles, an OEM retrofit maybe sometimes by the best option. But I’ll keep looking.

Today we ask – what other DIY modifications that were once popular are no longer done?

Image source: Taurus club (yes, really)