Hooniverse Asks- What Number of Steering Wheel Spokes is the Best Number of Steering Wheel Spokes?

CX-Diesel You know what time it is, kids? That’s right, it’s time to talk about steering wheel hand positions. Yaaaaaaay! Now, are you a 10 and 2, or are you a 9 and 3? Or perhaps you are a 6 and windowsill kind of driver, which would more than likely make you… American. Proper hand position on the steering wheel is an important aspect of automobile control and safety, and a big part of what allows that correct positioning is the design of the steering wheel itself. Some wheels lend themselves to giving your hands the correct placement, aside from being at the ends of your arms. Others however, just don’t seem to give you room to hang ’em as you’d like. The biggest influence on where your hands can go – much like a junior high dance chaperone – is the placement and number of spokes connecting the rim to the hub. Spoke count is a personal preference, some liking the security of a four-poster where you can rest your hands on the edges of top two, while others like the freedom that 3-spokes or fewer affords. What about you, what’s your goldilocks just right spoke count? Do you like a lot, or as few as possible? Image: Artvoice

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