Hooniverse Asks- What is the Motorcycle’s Greatest Era?

motorcycle-evolution The other day I was watching a video of the building of a replica of a 1909 Torpedo V4 and it struck me that there are simply so many motorcycles that have come and gone over the years that my meager grey matter simply can’t catalog them all. For me, motorcycles tend to start just before WWII and end sometime in the ’80s. That’s my penchant for British bikes talking, and I know that there have been great rides both before and after that time, I’m just mostly ignorant of those that came before, and ignoring most that have come after. Perhaps more so than the automotive age, the motorcycle age has seen a multitude of distinct eras. Most of them have been focused on going fast, but the method to the madness in each case has always been unique. From bicycle-based, to café racer, chopper, disco bike and beyond, which do you think has been the motorcycle’s greatest era? Image: motorcycle.com  

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