I believe the V8 is the greatest of the combustion engines. It’s inherent balance produces wonderful noise. There’s lots of power to be produced with a good V8. You don’t need forced induction to help it go. It’s immediate. It’s wonderful. The V8 is great. But which V8 is greatest?

Now that is a tough question. It would be easy to point to the General Motors LS family of engines. There’s a reason the LS is used in every engine swap under the sun. Even Hollywood knows about the LS, because the LS3 is most often the engine of choice for your average on-screen stunt car. It’s durable, easily repaired, and makes over 400 horsepower right out of the box.

Mopar fans, we know. You have some seriously great powerplants providing juice for many a muscle machine. From the 60’s and 70’s, on up to modern day, it’s easy to make a case for a Mopar family member. Hellcat all things, after all, right?

Settle down Ford folk. Of course I know what you have on your side. Hell, you won at Le Mans right? More than once, in fact.

We haven’t even gotten into European or Japanese V8s. Because there are some heroes on both sides of both ponds.

What do you think is the greatest V8 of all time? Sound off below!