Hooniverse Asks- What Grinds Your Gears About Cars in the Movies?

gone_in_sixty_seconds Whether it’s a Metro bus jumping 10 yards of unfinished freeway in Speed, or the removal of headrests in pretty much every movie and TV show that features a car ever, celluloid entertainment never seems to get cars right. Oh, and yes, I know that most movies and TV shows abandoned celluloid years ago, I just wanted a little tit for tat. Hollywood often gets things wrong on purpose. That’s because the plot is sacrosanct and anything that gets in its way – like reality – sometimes gets the heave-ho. Last year’s Oscar winner for Best Director – Gravity – was dunned for its inaccuracies, and I’ll tell you that was a damn fine flick. Still, I don’t know all that much about space. I do know a thing or two about cars and there are a number of liberties that film and TV show makers take that really gets my dander up. I think my biggest pet peeve is the removal of the rearview mirror. Yeah, I know you’ve paid a fortune to hire those pretty, pretty actors and you want to show off all their fancy emoting, but geez, all I can focus on is that little empty glued-on mount in the middle of the windscreen and wonder where did the rearview mirror go? How about you, are there certain things about the presentations of cars in the movies that freaks you out too? Image: TechGarage

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