E-Mobility is a term that covers a pretty broad swath of vehicles. There’s a high likelihood that a fair bit of you have driven in or ridden on a vehicle that utilizes an electric powertrain. Be it as large as a car or as small as a rideshare scooter, I believe more of you have ridden or driven something electric compared to those of you who have not.

So what have you experienced? For me personally, I’ve mostly just gotten my e-kicks via various electric cars. And not that many of them either. A few years back, I spent a total of 30 minutes behind the wheel of a Tesla Model S. Fast forward a few years and I’ve driven the Jaguar I-Pace and Audi E-Tron. Scaling down a bit, there have been golf karts, go-karts, and …not much else really.

But that is likely to change considering just how available electric-powered means of transportation are right this moment. We have electric motorcycles and dirt bikes. There’s a company working on an electric side-by-side. Another company has built an electric foil, which is basically a surfboard with a hydrofoil below it, and it looks amazing. There are electric skateboards, segways, and tons of scooters and bikes as well. The list of e-bike options in the mountain bike world grows seemingly by the month.

So I’m curious… what forms of e-mobility have you experienced?