Hooniverse Asks: What do you want to know about the Hyundai Veloster N?

I’m off to Northern California to get a good look at Hyundai’s attempt at an honest-to-goodness performance machine. The Hyundai Veloster N has got the right numbers on paper and proper hot-hatch styling. But can it really compete? To find out, Hyundai is prepared to let us loose on the twisting Thunderhill tarmac.
We drive the Veloster N on Wednesday. Before that happens, I’m curious what you want to know about the car. Sound off below and I’ll answer your questions here or in the video we’ll shoot.


  1. Before encouraging a bunch of automotive journalists to take it out on track, did Hyundai consider that the name is an anagram for Truly Nonadhesive?

    1. That’s impressive… but I think the car is likely over tired as even the R-Spec is fitted with Pilot Sport 4S tires.

      1. Overtired cars are nothing new to regular visitors to this site. Some of us are still driving cars that were already tired decades ago.

      2. Those tyres are amazing. I’ve just put them on my Mini Cooper 17″ wheeled Rover 400 with MG ZS springs and Bilstein B6s and I’m sure in reallly hard cornering it lifts both inside wheels.

    1. Um, have you seen the curb weights of modern cars lately? There are only two cars that I know of under 2200lbs (in the US market anyway), the Mitsubishi Mirage and Smart Fortwo. Even the Miata weighs over 2300 pounds these days.

    2. It will definitely baby. I’ve already had my baby in the R-Spec and it’s the same size/layout.
      No, there’s zero chance it’s less than 2,200 lbs. I have seen estimates put the curb weight a tick below 3k though, which is good for any modern car.

    1. Yeah weird name, but crank_case has it right – it’s been heavily developed at the ‘Ring.

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