Hooniverse Asks: What Color Car or Truck Would You Never, Ever Own?

HG Do you remember what were the only three colors available on the NA Miata upon its introduction? That’s right, red, white, and blue. Thankfully the car looks awesome in all of those—well, not so much the white— and so everybody was happy. Not all cars come in colors that are quite so universally appealing. I have an acquaintance who owns a 1979 Ferrari 308 GTS and while it’s a lovely car that he has maintained without fault, it’s also painted a bright metallic gold. Yeech. I don’t know if I would turn down a Ferrari 308 because of the color, but there are plenty of other cars that I would only take in certain hues. Are you of a similar mind, and if so, what are the colors that you would unequivocally avoid like the plague? Image: German Cars For Sale Blog

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