Hooniverse Asks- What Car Scares the Crap Out of You?

Whether it’s because of driving dynamics or the the fragility and difficulty of repair envisioned by Satan himself, there are certain cars that just cause one’s butt to pucker so that even standing is a challenge. The specific make and model may not be the same fro everyone, but most of us have that white whale out out there. Which one is yours? Citroëns, due to their inherent complexity are off-putting to many. Early Maserati Biturbos, with their pressurized plenum housing a leaky carburetor,  are the gargoyles  sitting at the foot of the bed of others, waking them from a restless sleep. Porsches, their engines hanging outside of the wheelbase and making them the automotive equivalent of a barbell, can raise the scrotum, and cause a howl of discontent from many an otherwise taciturn individual. Each of these is cause for fear and trepidation in ownership, whether it be through the rapid emptying of the bank account, or the actual threat to both life and limb. Whatever the reason, there are cars that just plain frighten us. Of course, we feign composure, laughing off the 1,000 foot drop that we nearly slid over when a certain car’s snap oversteer reputation became reality. Or perhaps it’s the nonchalance  with which we write the check for the full top-end rebuild on the Ferrari that we told everyone would be such a deal because it was under $15,000. In reality, the hand shakes, the pen quivers and each scabby noise from the check authorization modem is like a shard of glass driven through a fleshy and yielding ear. So, there’s lots of reason’s for which to feel trepidation in the ownership or piloting of a number of cars, but which one scares you the most? Which is your Blair Witch, your Exorcist, your hunting party with Dick Cheney? IMage sources: [zcache.com, bitchspot.com]

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