Hooniverse Asks- What Car or Truck Should Die in 2014?

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If you are looking to skate through life I have it on good authority that there are two aspects of our existence that are inescapable, that being death and taxes. That goes for car makers too, although while they do seem to kill off models with abandon, they likewise seem to be able – as most corporations do – to pay as little of the latter as possible. Good for them, I guess.

Of course we’re not here to mull over the Big Three’s contributions to the various government coffers, but instead to ruminate on death, specifically which car or truck models you think should call 2014 their last year on the planet. There are a lot of cool cars coming this year and of course there’s only so much room on dealer lots and in car buyers’ hearts so we now need your help in determining which ones should go to make room.

They say death becomes her, and I’m sure that there are plenty of models that you might lament, if only they’d just go away. Which ones are those, and to whom do you think we should send the condolences and flowers? 

Image source: The Daily Mail UK

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