Hooniverse Asks: What Car or Truck Do You Most Lament Having Missed the Boat on?

Le Car If you missed The Force Awakens when it was in the theaters you’ll still have a chance to catch it when it’s released on DVD, or VOD. Or perhaps, you’ll see it when it hits one of the cable stations a bit more down the road. That’s the thing about movies, once they’re out you can almost always find somewhere to watch them. The same thing can’t be said about cars. I tend to notice interesting cars on the road. I also spend an inordinate amount of time cruising the junkyards. One thing that has become clear to me is that most car models have a finite lifespan. First you see a lot of them on the road, then a wave of them in the junk yards which ebbs until eventually you just don’t see them anywhere at all any more. Did you ever want to own a Renault Fuego? Come on, there’s no shame in that. What is a shame is that you are unlikely to find one around that’s drivable, and you’re less likely to find parts in the yards to keep it so. Yep, you missed the age of Fuego. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t a French sports coupe that came and went before your eyes but something else that you’re now sorry not to have taken action on. If that’s the case, what is that car or truck that you most lament having missed? Image: VWVortex

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