Hooniverse Asks – What Car or Truck do You Love that has One Feature That You Hate?


Have you ever dated someone – really hit it off – only to find that, while otherwise perfect in every way, they have a laugh that’s like a drill to the forehead? Or worse, they pick their nose and eat the boogers? I know, right? Well, cars are a lot like people, and on occasion you find one that, while at first lust worthy, ends up being a booger eater.

Usually its not that wretch-inducing an issue, but still it can be a major downer. Sometimes its visual- you like the front, love the side, and then you step around the back and. . .  new Corvette tail lights. AHH CAT SHITE! Other times it’s a car that is uniformly beautiful but is sullied by the poor business decision to be only offered with some sort of fun-killing  CVT from hell, or an engine that would have trouble powering your lawn mower. It’s almost like auto makers purposefully curse their products with a singular fatal flaw just to mess with us.

So, have you been messed with? Is there a car or truck out there that gets your heart beating, only to make it skip a beat when you encounter one aspect of its quiddity? What car or truck do you love that has one feature that you just hate?

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          1. Sorry to hear that. Priorities, right?
            My dad took his to a test and tune at the drag strip and ran a best time of 15.6. Sure, a Versa is probably faster, but it is still awesome.

  1. <img src="http://0.tqn.com/d/cars/1/0/l/B/1/ag_09vibe_trunk.jpg&quot; width=600>
    The plastic cargo space in the Vibe is awesome when your activities include mud, sand, grease, or anything else that is difficult for carpet.
    However, i find I have a large plush blanket back there everyday to keep things from sliding around and making a ton of noise.
    Sure it's great when I use it as designed, but that's like buying a truck for daily use because you may need it when you go to Home Depot.
    Once the roof rack was on, I use the cargo space for less camping gear and more suitcases. Especially with two kids.
    Great for 4H fairs and impromptu muddy puddle fun, though.

    1. You don't like playing "where the hell did my milk slide off to?" whenever you buy groceries?
      Actually the only thing I don't like about mine is the Cavalcade of Beeps. It beeps when you lock it, it beeps when you unlock it, it beeps when the traction control is working, it beeps when it's cold and the leather on the e-brake gets stiff and pushes it right to the edge of where the sensor for telling if it's on is…

      1. The Vibe doesn't beep for lock/unlock like the Matrix. That's a Toyota thing.
        I'm sure it could be turned on/off somehow considering they share about every part with each other.

        1. I assumed the Vibe did just because they're exactly the same in every other respect.
          The only beep that really bugs me is the e-brake one, just because it's some bad sensor positioning so you'll be driving down the road and it suddenly starts shouting at you. It might not even affect any of them that aren't mine.

          1. Mine doesn't beep if that's left up. Just keeps the red (Brake) light lit.
            I know the lock function is customizable. Check your owner's manual. Section 6.2 (in most Toyotas) covers what can be customized.

          2. Hmmm… I suppose when your main stock and trade is the Camry you might be inclined to fill your cars with beeps to ensure your customers remain conscious.
            Of course, the beeps come in handy during the Traction Control Game, where you find a slick surface and see how long you can keep the traction control angry.

    2. I make sure to keep enough junk in the back of mine so it doesn't slide around. The only problem is that those things will certainly become a projectile if ever wreck. I don't think the cargo net (even if it were in place) would really do anything.

  2. Lack of a real limited slip diff in the Mustang. Ford's idea is to use electronics to meter the power to the back. I don't dig on it. I don't think the Boss has one and you have to go to the LS for the carbon pack diff.

    1. ?
      ALL GTs and above have come with a Trak-Lok clutch style posi for decades, and a good percentage of the V6s too. The Boss and GT500 do come with an upgraded one with stronger and more aggressive carbon clutch disks. But the GT's have all had real posi's since at least 1987. ALL of them. Unless by "real" you mean a Torsen style? I prefer Torsens myself, but it's not like clutch-types are bad.

    1. The people at GMC must have realised the same thing, since they released the Typhoon a year later.. 😉

    2. I like the nomination, but for a different reason: Payload. You couldn’t fill the bed with anything but Styrofoam peanuts. It was effectively a trunk, grossly oversized for the week’s worth of groceries it could carry.

      1. Despite what TV commercials might have you believe, people use pickup trucks for a lot more than hauling two tons of building material through the mud at a construction site. The Syclone was rated to haul 500 lbs.
        My Syclone was lowered about an inch and a half, and still I frequently had the bed full. It has hauled:
        -Riding lawnmowers
        -Full sheets of plywood/drywall (I've only needed to buy a few sheets at a time, and that's more than a Corvette or Miata owner could handle, but I certainly would use a sturdier truck if I had a full bundle to take home).
        -An inventory of car parts (mostly trim) full above the top of the bedside
        -Bicycles and an ATV
        -A stepladder
        -Tree limbs
        -Appliances (refrigerator, freezer, washer, etc.)
        -Bundles of salvaged fire sprinkler pipe
        -Warehouse rack
        -Stuff too greasy or nasty to go near upholstery

        1. From your list, it sounds like you occasionally exceeded the rated payload. I’ve never owned a Syclone, but have owned 2 First-gen S10s, and I frequently carried over 500 pounds in them, and occasionally exceeded even their rated payloads as well (most egregiously with 2400lb of concrete).
          Sure, if I owned a Syclone, I would probably not think twice about loading a couple of dirt bikes into the bed, but a couple of dirt bikes weighs more than 500 pounds (the styrofoam peanuts jab was a bit of an exaggeration). I certainly wouldn’t risk 30-80lb bags of concrete, though.

  3. I love my '02 Ram 4×4, and so do the squirrels. Especially the soy-based plastics in the engine compartment and wiring harness. Instead of a proper shroud, my AC fan now wears a miniskirt and I've had to splice wires several times to get the thing to run.

    1. Not a car I love, but here's something fun to know: Mice love the heater fan of the Nissan Rogue. My brother had one for two years, in that time they lost several heater fans due to mice climbing in there and then getting stuck.

    1. One night I dreamed I was Hooning on a twisty road with the Lord.
      Many cars from my life flashed across the sky.
      In each car I noticed tire marks around the corners.
      Sometimes there were two sets of tire marks,
      other times there were one set of tire marks.
      This bothered me because I noticed
      that during the low Hooning periods of my life,
      when I was suffering from
      anguish, sorrow or defeat,
      I could see only one set of tire marks.
      So I said to the Lord,
      "You promised me Lord,
      that if I Hooned with you,
      you would Hoon with me always.
      But I have noticed that during
      the most trying periods of my life
      there have only been one
      set of tire marks on the road.
      Why, when I needed you most,
      you have not been there for me?"
      The Lord replied,
      "The times when you have
      seen only one set of tire marks,
      is when you drove an Automatic."

  4. When my SVT Focus got totaled and I was in the market for a replacement car, I considered a new Focus. I like the way they look, they get decent mileage, and from most accounts they are pretty fun to drive. So I took one for a spin, and I liked just about everything about the car EXCEPT the center dashboard/console area.
    For some reason, it's wider than most and intrudes into the driver's leg area. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't sit without my right knee very uncomfortably resting against the dash. Instant deal breaker. I ended up buying a 2008 Mazdaspeed 3, and it's very comfortable with no such issues, so I'm not sure what Ford did. Shame, since I've always been a Ford guy.

    1. I've rented the new Focus a couple of times…a car I'd seriously consider buying if I'm in the market for a new one. I found the analog guages kind of hard to see. I didn't check the manual, but couldn't get the digital computer to show speed…also frustrating.

  5. I've mentioned this before, but once again…
    <img src="http://www.tanshanomi.com/temp/TC-climatecontrol.png"&gt;
    There's no way in the Town Cow to split the airflow between the dash vents and the floor. I realize that this is a little thing, but it drives me to cuss all winter long. Hmm…Do I want cold hands, or cold feet, because I have to have one or the other.

    1. <img src="http://i.ebayimg.com/t/81-82-83-84-85-dodge-ramcharger-ram-truck-1500-2500-heater-control-a-c-/00/s/MTIwMFgxNjAw/$T2eC16V,!zEE9s3!Y(+lBQvW,T7!4w~~60_35.JPG">
      On Mopars of that era, if you push in the VENT and HEAT buttons at the same time, you get both. The buttons won't go in as far as they would if you only selected one, but the mission gets accomplished.
      What happens if you move the lever to the middle between your two options? If that doesn't work, what about teeing into the vacuum lines so that the vent selection actually operates both?

      1. Other than fuel and oil consumption? I could live with those. No matter how many cars I consider, I always seem to come back the to light rwd manual and the RX-8 is the only afordable option.

        1. I keep coming back to the RX8 as well, but I just can't deal with the lack of torque. You have to beat them SO hard to move at a good pace. It really sucks, because in EVERY other regard besides the engine it is exactly what I'm looking for in a daily.
          And have you considered 240SXs? Drift tax has kind of tapered off, and they are very nice. You can find clean SR20DET swapped ones for pretty good prices now.

          1. For various reasons it needs to be a low mileage max 5-6 year old car.. Genesis Coupe is still too expensive and numb and dull, the GT86 is too new to be affordable(47k€ new), 370Z is too expensive and the interior is ghastly, Z4 Coupe is a bit small.. And i've known enough people with unreliable BMWs. Also i like rotaries, but basically i have no way of test driving most of these since they are all rare and i need a hand controlled clutch.

          2. The RX-8 lack of torque is a bit of a red herring – the fact is that on a proper set of twisty roads the car is fantastic and is easily fast enough to get you into serious trouble with the law or a ditch. It sounds the dogs bollocks too, when you're beating the piss out of it. Plus, gas mileage doesn't vary according to your use of the accelerator: it's shit all the time, so you may as well floor it. The only time I notice the torque really is when I'm not paying attention to my driving and I'm caught in the wrong gear.
            Mr Bigglesworth, I've gathered from your comments that mobility is an issue for you. Here's one you might not have thought of on the RX-8: checking the oil, replacing the dipstick, and filling the oil are way harder than they should be for a car that uses oil on purpose and needs a top-up every second tank of petrol. You have to lean way into the engine compartment to accomplish all this and it really annoys me and invariably mucks up my clothes when the car is dirty.

          3. The worst thing about the RX-8, however, is none of the above. It's the fact that every douchebag from here to Palm Beach with an Infiniti G37 coupe wants to race. I bought the RX because it handles and stops stupendously well and it's more fun than a Kardashian in a bunker full of bees, not because I think it's fast.

          4. Yeah i had a bit of an accident in -02. I've wondered where to add oil… Of course it's as far away from the edges as humanly possible so it would be a bit difficult.
            If i get ~20mpg out of anything reasonably fun it's fine. I'm pretty much ready to give up though, and just get a cheap and frugal commuter and save up for an older fun car.. Build my own hand controls for it.
            I've never thought it lacks torque.. From all the videos i've watched it doesn't seem to require any more shifting than a "normal" car… Maybe even less.
            This is one of my favourite RX-8 videos and he seems to be in second or third gear for pretty much the whole time, and despite the youtube commenters laughing at his steering he does seem to know what he's doing.
            [youtube s6K1WMBWwDI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6K1WMBWwDI youtube]
            If you are on the right line and turning the steering wheel more does not tighten the line, then you're using all the available grip and going as fast as possible. He's just constantly feeling how much grip there is. His lines are smooth and once he get's on the throttle he stays on it.

          5. It's mostly corner exit out of tight corners. The 8 maintains momentum like crazy, so if you can keep it in the powerband it's fine. But exiting any tight corner (like most corners at an autocross), you go to look for the power and it just isn't there. But I am biased on this front, none of my cars have had less than 300 lb-ft of torque for a very long time now. Having V8s at your disposal makes you kind of jaded when it comes to torque.

  6. Big bruiser sedans with no manual option and no limited slip. I love my XJR, but think of how it'd be with a stick and a posi! Same with most of the Mercedes made in the past 20 years. I want a W211 E55 AMG in the worst way, but no manual makes it almost a no-go for me. And whose bright idea was it to not include a limited slip on a car making over 500 lb-ft of torque out of the box? One-wheel-peel for DAYS.
    <img src="http://www.jdmeuro.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Work_VS-KF_Mercedes_Benz_E55_AMG_01.jpg&quot; width="600">

  7. I absolutely love my G2 Integra GS-R. But it has three problems: First, the headlights suck. Second, the radiator has a glass jaw (composite radiators!). And thirdly, and most significant, it is fitted with federally-mandated mouse-runner type passive restraints which have a tendency to strangle the occupants when you open or close the door.
    I've long thought about going to a Canadian junkyard just to replace those infernal things with proper three point harnesses.
    Ok, that's three. But the last one is the most idiotic.

    1. I dunno what's worse, the mouse track belts or the door mounted belts that GM used in the late '80s to meet the law for passive restraints.

    2. I also had a g2 (LS sedan) and I must say the headlights were completely craptastic even with new bulbs installed. I always had my fogs on, and then people would flash me thinking they were the high beams because they were in the centre.
      (At least mine was Canadian, so no seat belt stupidity!)
      You must not live where it rains a lot, or you'd have mentioned the common passenger side leak that turns the footwell into a pond every time it rains.

      1. Actually, I live in Seattle, and it tends to rain a lot around here. I've never had a leak problem on either of the G2 Integras that I've owned over the years. But yeah, the "AUGH YOU'RE BLINDING ME YOU JACKWAGON" issue was always a problem until I changed to a different color for the foglamps.

        1. *waves hi from across the border*
          Forums led me to believe that underdash leak was endemic among 2nd gens. I suppose the complaints are what get heard!

  8. I could put "anything with power seats: power seats." They just take way too long and I'm going to shove the seats near the back of the travel anyway. So if I'm getting into something that was driven by my short-legged mom, I'm sitting there for too long just holding this stupid button, while in a non-power seat I'm there in seconds.
    I don't love the new Civic – I certainly wouldn't buy one – but I feel the need to bring up how much I hate that it doesn't have a proper temp gauge. This is just because I don't like the idea of it happening again in the future. It's just a little light that tells you you're cold, which isn't very helpful.
    Can we get the reverse of this question one day? I've got a couple things I can think of in that direction.

    1. Oh god, power seats… I have come to loathe them so very much. The ones in my mom's E46 330i are ludicrously slow, and since she's 5'7" and I'm 6'4", whenever I drive the car, it takes about 30 seconds to get the seat all the way down and back.
      But the absolute worst are the ones in my GTO. Coupes are bad enough trying to get in the back seat, but at least my E46 could just manually fold forward and up out of the way very nicely. The ones in my GTO? Fuck them. Fuck everything about them. See that button on the side of the front seat below the lever in this picture? That's the button to electronically move the seats forward very, very sloooooooowwwwwlllyy. Even then, it's barely enough to physically cram an adult male through. God forbid you have more than one passenger in the rain.
      <img src="http://i.imgur.com/M3WezGK.jpg&quot; wdith="500">

      1. This times one million. A friend/co-worker of mine had an 06 GTO for a while that we would take to lunch a lot because it was the most fun car there that could haul more than 2 people. But waiting the 3 hours it took for the seat to get out of the way was such a pain every time. We ended up just putting the two limber skinny guys back there who could just sort of ninja slide in with minimum of seat movement.
        Hmmm. Now that I think about it, maybe I like those because they let my bulky self get auto shotgun 🙂

        1. Haha, same thing happens with my friends. As we're standing there waiting for the seat, we either decide to take another car, or the person waiting says "fuck it" and contorts himself past the seat.

      2. The confusing part is that the tilt forward for rear seat entry is mechanical and quick. They just couldn’t see fit to put a release to allow the seat to slide forward along with it. It had to have taken just as much effort to design in that stupid button. It’s not like the technology doesn’t exist to allow a seat to slide forward freely when folded. The seats in my truck do that, and my truck is nearly 20 years older than my GTO.

        1. Why American car companies don't simply copy Euro companies in so many things just baffles me. The BMW was perfect in that regard.
          Btw, have you ever had the opportunity to remove these seats? I swear they must be made of antimatter. I could probably find some nice red Recaros to replace them and shave about 30 pounds, but they really are so damn comfy…

          1. I’ve never had the seats out, but I guess it doesn’t surprise me that they are heavy. I will agree that they are comfortable. I may have to remove them this year to ease removal of the rears to repair a splitting seam.
            I generally coach rear seat passengers in entry to minimize how far forward we have to wait for the seats to move. Foot, ass, head, foot seems to work best. With the seat tipped but not slid forward, I can climb back there.

          2. YES. The few times my friend autocrossed his he threw the Corbeau A4s he had from a prior project in it. Saved around 35 lbs a seat. I helped him take the stockers out one time. I literally thought they were still bolted down they were so heavy. They were extremely comfortable though.

          3. Nope, his was black interior and black Corbeaus. But from the red A4's I've seen around, they are a much brighter red than the nice dark brick red than came in the GTOs. I think they would look good in there, but they don't match up exactly on color.

          4. That's what I figured… I could find some nice seats and have them reupholstered, but that would probably be more expense than it's worth.

    1. The trunk size doesn’t bother me on the GTO, but perhaps that it because it replaced a Fiero in my “fleet”. The Fiero could fit a remarkable amount of groceries, but I always wound up with a few items riding shotgun. The GTO trunk fits a cart full of groceries, and that it all I need it to do. The cart is a good measurement device, as well. Once the cart is full, I'm done shopping, because that is also the limit of what will fit in the trunk. Anything more, and I use my pickup.

      1. It's mainly an issue when you have anything of relatively larger size. I bought a car cover the other day, and the box wouldn't fit in the trunk. It also won't fit in the back seat, because of the above mentioned front seats, so it got to awkwardly ride shotgun…

          1. A shame. He totally could have made the front page of There, I Fixed It.

        1. !!!
          How big is that tank?? I get it, IRS and all, but Volvo managed to squeeze a 21 gallon tank in the back of a 760 and still leave enough room for usable space above it and a little door for your skis (or fence pickets or whatever) to slip through.

    1. You can get a rear seat for a CRX! A bunch of the JDM cars came with a rear seat, and they're still halfway easy to find. They even appear to be halfway functional if you rear seat occupant is 5' 3" or less (and a contortionist). I hauled people in the hatch area of the CRX I had in high school, but they were always small people on short trips, because it was by no means safe.

      1. I knew that, but I didn't know they were halfway easy to find! So I checked ebay. $500+shipping. Ouch.

        1. Ooof, hadn't realized they'd gone up that much. Granted the last time I looked was like 10 years ago when I had my CRX. They were only running around $100-$150 back then.

  9. I loved my '80 Monza hatch and my '99 Pulsar SE but they both were missing a very key ingredient that made ownership frustrating.
    Build Quality.
    The 'feature' on my '05 Mazda3 that drives me nuts is rust. I've got rust stains on my concrete driveway from where I park it. I love how it drives and I can really see another 3, a 6, a Miata or a CX-5 in my future, but the way this one is disintegrating under me I'm beginning to think not.

  10. Did no one mention the stupid nanny state skip 2nd gear shift on the 6 speed Vettes and various other cars?

    1. I would have, but with the power seat thread and Scandinavian Flick complaining about the trunk, if I started bitching about the skip shift in my GTO, it would feel like piling on.

        1. Not fair! I don’t think that shitty bushings would be considered a “feature” for the purposes of this Hooniverse Asks, anyway. My radius rod bushings are actually okay, but I’ll be replacing them anyway when I replace the strut bushings. I’ll buy the “full” set of other bushings, too, but I will weigh their replacement case by case based on the level of degradation and ease of replacement.

          1. Self destructing radius rod bushing ARE a feature on Volvo 700/900's. Push the brakes and you can feel how the front end of the car just falls down.

  11. Any late model BMW or Mercedes that's sold in this country with AWD and only AWD (e.g. CL550, S350 BlueTec, the new E250 BlueTec, and pretty much any wagon from the two companies you can name built within the last five years). America is not like Finland, guys. At least, there are parts of it that aren't.

  12. Volvo 140/240 station wagon boot lid. ~25 years of production and only during the last three of them the car had a back door that wouldn't rust from the inside out in a heartbeat.

  13. The AC compressor is low on the driver's side of the engine and the feed-throughs on the firewall are on the passenger's side. This means the hardlines for the AC run up and over the front of the engine, which means doing most anything in the engine bay means working around them. I know. I know. I have a giant, spacious engine bay and it's not like I have to pull the engine to do the spark plugs. But I hate my AC compressor. (EDIT: This is, of course, on my 2001 Jeep Wrangler 4.0)

  14. The door handles in my Explorer are in a terribly unintuitive spot below the armrest. They were so bad that Ford redesigned them the next year and just integrated them into the armrest.

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