Hooniverse Asks- What Car or Truck do you Hate to Admit is Really Okay?

pontiac-aztek-tent Do you have a brother in law, you know, the guy who is boning your sister? Do you ever stop and think that, when you think about it,  he’s not really that bad a guy, even though he’s defiling your sibling – his wife- on a regular basis? That’s the kind of introspection I’m looking for today. Cars are like brothers-in-law. Some are cool and you don’t mind including them at the table at family gatherings. Others are… well, let’s not beat around the bush here, Satan’s spawn. Of course when it comes to cars and trucks you don’t have to break bread with the ones you don’t like, you just formulate negative opinions of their drivers when you see them on the road. Sometimes however, we misjudge both relations by marriage, and cars. Those are the ones that we’re interested in today – not the relations, we all know they still suck – but the cars that perhaps didn’t make the best first impression. What are those cars or trucks that you hate to admit you don’t like, but are really okay? Image: gomotors.net

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