Image courtesy of Bring a Trailer

Every enthusiast has “The List,” a theoretical registry of the automobiles they would like to own should the opportunity, timing, and financial means present themselves. Of course there’s the opposite end of the spectrum which we toyed with yesterday, but the prospect of hitting it big in the lottery is, rather unfortunately, extremely unlikely, rendering the attainable car much more realistic. And with that in mind, we all have that one car that’s on the forefront of our mind: the car we have a “crush” on.
For me, that has taken a surprising turn, with the 1999-2000 Honda Civic Si ocupying my mind as of late. It doesn’t even make sense why it’s the car I’m spontaneously lusting after, seeing as I generally like all-wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive cars with forced induction or eight-cylinder powerplants (and yes, I very much like a combination of the two), and the Civic is wholly neither. It’s the simplicity that has me as much as does the nostalgia aspect, and with great visibility, relative lightness (2600 pounds!), and a traditionally fantastic Honda shifter, a bone stock Electron Blue Pearl Si would be a hoot to drive hard, and drive hard everywhere. I have no intention of buying one now or anytime in the future, but for some reason the 6th-gen Si just seems fun, and the idea of it has me captivated. Gotta love the cars Honda built in its Golden Age.
So, what car (or truck) is tickling your automotive fancy at the moment? For the sake of keeping it realistic, let’s stick to things that are reasonably attainable and that can be had within a modest budget (or at least within your own). Hit the comments below to let us know what you’re crushing on– rational or not.