Hooniverse Asks: What can you do to make your loved one happy with their own car?

My wife works hard. She puts lots of miles on her 2016 Mazda CX-5. Right now she’s away on a business trip, so I’m using the car on occasion. The occasion being that my Montero is currently stuffed to the gills with five tires and five wheels, all waiting to be mounted. The Benz still has a for sale sign and a Charge Indicator light illuminated. So the Mazda is getting some use… and I just ran it through the wash. Then vacuumed the interior.

It’s a simple gesture, but I think little things like that can go a long way over time.

What do you do to your loved one’s vehicle as a little thank you gesture for all they do? Whether they notice it or not, what is something you like to do to help out?

Is it at-home oil changes? Do you handle swapping on the winter tires if you live in a snowy climate? Maybe you’re wealthy and you just buy them a fresh machine every other year, that’s fine too.

Sound off below.

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