Hooniverse Asks- What Brand- or Model-Specific Junkyard Would You Most Like to Run?


Today’s Hooniverse Asks comes from Mad Science, who would love to have a dozen or so marque-specific parts repositories at his disposal.

One of the great advancements in automotive manufacture – and so hence repair – was the advent of interchangeable parts. Thanks Mr. Olds! When trying to keep an old car on the road, the parts is parts mantra is a wonderful thing. Say you’ve got a classic, obscure, or just plain crappy car, you know it’s tempting to pick up a parts donor or two… should you have the room. You set up saved craigslist and eBay Motors searches for your model, leaving you scheming what parts will swap into yours, what you can sell and what The Crusher™ will pay for the rest. Or perhaps you’ll just swap parts from yours into this nicer example with a blown motor.

Whatever the scenario dreamed up while in your jammies tucked safely in your bed, the end game is to maintain between 1 and 3 running examples, and a parts collection of motors, transmissions, axles, trim, door handles and the rest, so long as they all bolt up. That sometimes means locking into one marque or model, as that’s the best way to do the bulk savings thing. And that means keeping a stockpile of said single servings. 
For today’s question: If you’ll have the automotive equivalent of the same thing for dinner forever, what would it be?

Image source: Curt Larson

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