Hooniverse Asks- What Are The Most Iconic Factory Seats?

911 seats

There are certain car seats that are instantly recognizable justly their shape. Take Porsche’s high-back buckets for example, they’ve been around literally for decades, cosseting the butts of generations of dentists and CPAs. Other seats, like Jaguar’s sugar scoops that adorned the series I E-type, or the sculpted bolsters of the BMW sport seat, are easy to spot, even out of their native habitat- the car’s cabin.

But which is the most iconic of seats, which one best identifies its maker just by its style or shape? Perhaps you remember the Alfa GTA seats with their wide horizontal bands, or those of the Maserati Bora, that looked like the world’s fastest patio lounges? Those are just but a couple, and what you might consider the low-hanging fruit of the iconic seat world. Can you think of some better ones? What do you think are the most iconic factory seats?  

Image source: Pelican Parts Forums

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