I’m on the hunt for a pair of light bars for my Montero. There are two openings just below the grille, which are begging for extra off-road illumination. I haven’t pulled the trigger yet though, because the handful of brands with product I like are rather expensive. On the flip side, there’s a wealth of options on Amazon. All cheap. All available with quick shipping through Prime. And yet I can’t hit “Buy” on any of those options.

I fear the cheap light bars will have crap wiring, weak light housings, and poor mounting brackets. But do I really need to spend the dough on the fancier stuff? I’m not wheeling every weekend. I don’t live out in a poorly lit corner of the world. And yes, I can admit that part of the appeal of the addition of a pair of light bars is for the overall look of the vehicle. That’s almost enough reason to just get the cheap stuff and move on.

What aftermarket parts have you been shopping for, where you find yourself gravitating to the more expensive options? I think you should always spend money on good tires. I believe a well-sorted sound system makes for a more pleasing driving experience. There are certainly other areas to both save and spend money.

Let us hear all about it below.