Hooniverse Asks: So… did you enjoy your 4th?

Now, I’m not saying you needed to head off in an over-powered American muscle machine but it’s certainly one way to celebrate. Our own Josh Ostrander was getting static shots of a Camaro ZL1 for a video we’re working on. I reached out to see how that was going and this was the reply I received.
Clearly Josh was celebrating America and it’s efforts in the Horsepower Wars.
How did you celebrate? Did you go for a drive? Did you fix something on your jalopy? Maybe you helped a friend turn some wrenches?
Or maybe you forgot about cars for a day and enjoyed the sun and a cold beverage… sound off below.


  1. I ordered two sets of Pirelli Cinturato 145HR13 tires, one set for a British car and another set for a Dutch car, so, um, ‘Murica!

    1. No Vredestein for you? I guess they aren’t available with that high speed rating you so clearly need for those powerful automobiles 😉

      1. They’re okay, along with the Firestone F560 (I use the 155R15 version of that on my racing SAAB), but I want to see whether the reintroduced Pirelli CA67 is any good.

        1. I had a ’94 Bronco with a 351, I managed an all time best mileage of 14 mpg one tank. The lift and 33’s didn’t help.

          1. I had the Supercab version of this pickup several years ago, 13-14 is about right. That’s actually better than I get with my 360ci Dodge pickup.

  2. Spent the day taking the cut up remains of a car to the tip (dump) and shifting 2 more with a friend. The tricky part with those is one had no rear end in it, and the other I had borrowed the springs & shocks off the front years ago, so there was some (!) improvisation to get them onto the trailers for the trip.

  3. I went mountain biking, had the whole trail to ourselves. My big car thing was a couple of weekends ago when we replaced the cylinder head on my son’s old Buick. This did fix the misfire, but also revealed a dead battery.

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