I’m going to answer this question right off the bat, at least from my perspective. Yes. It is indeed fun to take a slow car and drive it quickly. Every rental car ever is proof positive of this notion. But backing it away from tortured Hertz fleet machines, let’s refocus on non-rental spec rides. One of my favorite slow-car, fast cars is the Mazda2. It cost under $16k new in the top-spec trim, the curb weight is a tick per 2,300 pounds, and the wheels are only 15-inches. This little zoom-zoom hero made the absolute most of its 100-horsepower engine, and it seemed to adore being caned on a twisting back road. I remember that I had to work very hard to get the tires to make any protesting squeals of torture.

On the flip side though, fast cars driven quickly are also fun. An odd taste of this came to me last night during the first race of the 24 Hours of Lemons iRacing season 2 event. For season 1, I drove the Class C 2010 Mazda MX-5 Roadster. I decided to switch it up for season 2 and jump into the Class A Ford Mustang FR500S. And I had a lot more fun driving in, around, and through the traffic of the slower classes.

So I’m left wondering how many of you out there enjoy slow car, fast? Or would you prefer a fast car driven quickly? I know that some will simply prefer slow car… slow, while others will say good car at any speed. Where do you fall?