We’ve got Chargers and Challengers. Recently, there was a new Ford GT. Now we’ve got the all-new Ford Bronco. These are revived names from the past, and they’ve been brought back to life for good reason or given retro-inspired styling because people have strong emotions tied to the history that exists in their heads. So what’s next? Does anything else out there need to come back?

I say yes if you look at the Imperial Crown.

Remember a point in time when Chrysler struck the Imperial family out as its own luxury brand of sorts? You had some amazing machines with excellent style. Not as ostentatious as the Cadillacs of the time, but just as luxurious, if not more so. One of my favorites of the era is the 1970 Imperial Crown. Interestingly enough, the car pictured above (which I found on Wikipedia) was snapped cruising around in the Netherlands!

I believe Chrysler (…or I guess, S T E L L A N T I S) could let its design team have a crack at a full-size sedan that sits above the current 300. Give it classically cool styling brought modern, throw some luxury at the interior, and stuff a 6.4-liter V8 under the hood. Draw up the Imperial badging now, and let me drool over what might be. Even if they’ll probably only sell a handful, it’s still more appealing than whatever Cadillac is building (or killing too early) right now.

What else is out there? What other sedan do you think should be brought back to life?