Hooniverse Asks: How would you advertise Mitsubishi vehicles?

The above is an image that Mitsubishi Motors, specifically their marketing department, circulated around on social media. It’s speaks of the torque, or rather the lack thereof, that the engine of Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross generates. By any comparison, that isn’t much – the base Volkswagen Golf has more.
The thing is, the current lineup of Mitsubishi CUVs isn’t that bad. They have all the latest safety features, good sound systems, heated seats, Apple CarPlay connections, and other stuff that buyers desire. It’s not always integrated as well as other makers, and the vehicles are showing their age, but they’re not bad. The final sales prices are much lower than the competition, too. 
So, you’re in charge of marketing these Mitsubishi’s. The job is important to you as it’s a stepping stone in your career. If you are successful here there will be plenty of other opportunities. How do you advertise these vehicles?

Review: 2018 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SEL


  1. Market them as an underdog. Make a connection to the small kid on a football team who is nimble and hard to tackle, or a nerdy kid who isn’t popular but ends up inventing something awesome. Then show those kids now in their 20’s and 30’s and driving off swiftly in a Mitsubishi on a pleasant, typical commercial world, empty windy road. Tagline: “Taking you to your next journey – Mitsubishi”

  2. Basically the only advertisement I notice is the funny stuff. All the other noise goes straight through the vast emptiness between my ears. As I hear a lot of people here say “Mishibishi”, and companies that don’t take themselves seriously are generally perceived as relaxed and relatable, I’d go for something like: “Easier to afford than to pronounce”. A whole series of proud owners explaining features and gleaming about low cost, then they say: “That’s why I really like my Mishibishi” – [insert slogan].

      1. Or, “No, no, you are thinking of the other third tier Japanese brand, Suzuki, THEY left the US market. We’re still here.” (for now)

  3. (1) adequate
    (2) cheap
    (3) superior to any other vehicle in a measurable way in terms of quality or performance
    Guess which two we picked?
    “Newer than a used car”
    “The substance abuse issues of our finance guy is our HR nightmare and your pathway to a new vehicle!”

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