Fall truly is spectacular here in New England. Though the cold of winter looms just ahead, the tolerable temperature and gorgeous foliage of autumn make it far and beyond my favorite season. It’s the most enjoyable time of year to be outside, a time when you can do anything and not suffer brutal heat or bitter cold, and looking just about anywhere in your scope vision reveals trees showing off the best colors they have to offer.
It also means that the fall is, at least in the Northeast, the best time to work on vehicles and make use of them alike. They’re content operating, being that it’s not scorchingly hot, and so are you. As such it’s impossible to not want to be doing something automotive-related every waking moment, be it simply tinkering with a project outside or off-roading deep in the woods so as to revel in the changing leaves and fair conditions. Bonuses like football on Sundays, a plethora of delicious beers in rotation, and more than a fair share of hiking only make it better. I’m doing everything in my power to take full advantage of it while it lasts. While many are knocking off autocross events and track days while they can, I’m doing the opposite: the above image is from an off-road trip this past weekend out at the wheeling paradise that is AOAA.
How about yourself? What car, truck, or bike related things are you doing to make the most of the autumn season?