This past week has been rather wonderful. Well, specifically wonderful if I focus on what’s in my garage and not the world at large. Acura pulled a car of out its museum and drove it down my way. I’ve spent the last week with a 2001 Acura Integra Type R. And I’m here to say that it lives up to and exceeds all the hopes I had for it.

I won’t go into detail on exactly why, as there’s a full review on this car coming soon. But suffice it to say that this truly is the best front-wheel-drive car in the land. That VTEC changeover at 5,700 rpm is glorious, and you want to wind the Type R out at every chance you get. This specific car is from the final model year here in the US. It’s Phoenix Yellow paintwork is perfect. The odometer reads just 4,622 miles. And it’s basically the nicest example in the world, outside of some insane-o collectors who may have bubble wrapped there cars after returning from the dealer.

Another time I had a great meet your heroes moment was when a friend showed up with a BMW M5. Not the newer ones, mind you, but a proper E39 M5. I only spent 15 minutes with that machine but it was once again everything I hoped it would be. Wonderful steering, shift action, and engine response all in a perfectly shaped German luxury super sedan.

How about you? Have you ever had the chance to drive/ride/operate a machine that you’ve held in high regard in your mind? Let us hear about it below!