Hooniverse Asks- Have You Had a Recent “Oh Yeah” Car?

EOS copy The other day I was working my way across beautiful downtown Burbank, taking in the sights. This is no mean feat as Burbank California is perhaps the most inscrutably laid-out city in the nation, with rail lines and two major freeways bisecting it. Anyway, the round-about requirements for navigating the city’s streets, along with the unbelievably long traffic signal cycles, gave me lots of time to see those sights and one of those was a Volkswagen EOS. That caused me to utter out loud an, oh yeah, I’d totally forgotten about those. If you’ve also totally forgotten, then let’s have a quick refresher. The EOS was Volkswagen’s Golf-based hardtop convertible and it came with a particularly clever top that could go full-convertible, while still offering an opening glass moonroof. It was amazing, while the rest of the car was so forgettable that I totally forgot they even existed. That seems to be the case these days, as there are so many cars available and so many that just seem to blend together as one. Have you had a recent sighting that also made you say, oh yeah? If so, what was the mythical beast that elicited that reaction? What is your most recent oh yeah car? Image: Autoblog Canada

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