Hooniverse Asks- Have You Ever Bought a Car at an Auction? How’d That Go?

Mecum Auctions Car Shipping There are two main types of auto auctions where one might acquire a new-to-you car. One is the ritzy glitzy sort like Barrett Jackson or Mecum where you might find that one of three-built Grabber Orange Boss 302s with the radio-delete option and a factory antenna.  The other is the sort of government seizure or wholesaler event where the lights are far more fluorescent and the cars are typically far less exotic. Either of these is an experience to be had, and while you may not actually get yourself a sure thing at either, they’re both exciting in their own unique ways. Of course, that’s just been my experience, and truth be told I’ve been to far more of the fancy shindigs than of the more plebeian affairs, so perhaps my opinion on both the experience, and the cars is skewed. What about you, have you ever attended an auto auction? More importantly, have you ever bought anything at one? Either way, what was the experience like for you. If you left empty-handed, why was that? And if you drove off in a new purchase – after the auction house’s likely 10% take – how’d that work out? Image: blog-do-ateu-s

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