The listing pictures were honest and clean. British Racing Green paintwork looking rather lovely under the California sun. But the shots weren’t from a pro, just a seller with a modern cameraphone. And it drew me in hard. I’ve been looking for old Jaguar XJs for months now, and I decided it’s been long enough. Time to act. I still had the ad up on a tab buried beneath 25 or so other tabs, and when I clicked into the older XJ with the perfect BRG paint and under 100,000 miles on its odometer, the page refreshed and the listing was pulled. I waited too long.

The one that got away…

Instead of getting frustrated with that seller, I was upset with myself for hesitating. So I did the irrational next step, which is to email a seller on a different vehicle and see it right away even though it wasn’t initially the one you wanted.

Thankfully, I dug a bit deeper into the second vehicle and it possess two crucial elements that will make it far more entertaining than the BRG that got away. The first is a V8 conversion done a few years back and to a high level. The second is a CARB sticker and recent smog cert. While the first item is great, it’s the second one that’s worth the asking price on its own.

I pick the car up today, and will report back more on it tomorrow after I wash it and snap some real photos. In the meantime, do you have any similar stories of anger buying something after missing out on a different vehicle?