The all-new 2022 Hyundai Tucson gets fully revealed today. You may have already seen the photos, but the rest of the specs drop this morning. Everything I’ve read about it (and I’ve seen it in person too, actually) makes it sound like a great option in this space. But I cannot get past the design. This isn’t a problem specific to the Tucson, mind you, but something I feel going wrong with the industry as a whole. We’re seeing “too much design” thrown at every new model. On the flip side, that makes it refreshing when you find a vehicle with some design restraint.

Lines for the sake of adding lines. Creases and angles added around curves all in an effort to make a specific vehicle stand out in its own sea of sameness. When everyone is buying crossovers, how do you make your recognizable? It has to be through design, but it does not need to be through the over design of the product. Don’t take this out on crossovers alone though, as it’s a problem filtering through other segments as well. From pickup trucks to sports cars, designers are tossing out wildly overdone or needlessly aggressive elements.

Someone needs to have their design team take a breather. Take a step back. Then ask them to subtract lines or features before adding more. Remove. Smooth. Sculpt without adding more clay.

Am I wrong here or do you agree car design has gone a bit haywire at the moment?