Hooniverse Asks: Do You Think the Nissan GT-R is Attractive?

2015-Nissan-GT-R Look, I know that Nissan’s GT-R is an amazing car to drive. I know that, because I have driven them on a number of occasions. I also know that it’s a technological tour de force, perhaps Nissan’s greatest achievement, and a fitting torch bearer for the venerated Skyline-GT-R line. I also know that I find the car to be, how shall I say this… butt ugly. And while yes, there’s a light refresh of the GT-R right around the corner let me let you in on a little tip: it’s no better looking Now, Nissan really hasn’t had their styling mojo heated up for some time. It’s kind of perplexing too as their Infiniti brand seems to be firing on all cylinders of late, aesthetically speaking. But Nissan? No. And as the GT-R is the marque’s halo car–the one that all the buyers of Versa Notes and Rouge Crossovers imagine their taking possession of when they sign on to the 120-month payment plan–it really should look the part. I do know that styling is purely subjective and not everybody has the same taste. Hell, that’s why they make dogs in both normal and yappy-little rat turd versions because perplexingly some folks like the latter. The thing of it is, I can’t see how people can like those little ankle nibblers, nor do I get how they can like the GT-R. Help me understand, do you find the present GT-R to be attractive? Image: Chris Myers Nissan

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