Hooniverse Asks- Do You Keep Track Your Car's Gas and Maintenance?


Over the past two months the cost of regular gas in my neighborhood has increased by almost 20%, to the point now where it’s just about to burble over the four-dollar mark. How do I know this? Well, I’ve been keeping track of the fill-ups on my daily driver for the past four years. Aside from an unbelievably annoying loss of a two-month stretch in 2012 due to a data burp during an app upgrade, I have every tankful accounted for since 2010.

What do I plan to do with all this rich data? Yeah well, I’ll get back to you on that.What I can tell you is that in the last year I’ve made 53 fill ups totaling 761 gallons and have covered 15,319 miles. All that cost me $0.19 per mile, or $2,859.98 for the 12-month period, with an average cost per gallon of $3.65. I know, isn’t that awesome? I love useless trivia especially when there’s a lot of it and it’s particularly without general application.

Perhaps you’re not quite as ACD as I am about tracking every last drop of gas that you buy. Or then again, maybe you are. Do you keep track of gas, maintenance, and repairs on your car like a dutiful soldier, or is that just TMI?

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