I picked up a new set of wheels for The Jag. Well, new to me. The old girl is getting a set of BBS basketweaves with a gold center and polished outers. We’re keeping things in the 15″ space, so the stance should be appropriate for the vehicle and allow me to serve up meaty sidewall. These wheels need a proper polishing but they are otherwise in excellent shape. And I’m excited to get them on the car.

BBS has been around for a long time. It supplies wheels for both top-notch street cars and many a winning race car. And now an old Jaguar sedan with a 350 V8, because why not?

I’m not partial to any wheel brand. The Fifteen52s on my Montero are great. I’ve always been impressed with the quality of what HRE produces. And it’s hard to beat a tough old beauty like the D Window from American Classic. Further, the classic steel wheel can be a perfect complement to any vehicle. It’s the opposite of the iconic TE37, yet they both fulfill the same ideal.

Do you have a favorite set of wheels? And if you want to say Ronal Teddy Bears, this is a safe space…