Hooniverse Asks: Do you commute in the snow?

A snow storm is the favorite drama of local news stations. Despite the fact that we have been getting snow storms every winter since forever, it’s always special for those people. It’s all hands on deck time. Multiple reporters stationed throughout the viewing areas, reporting on the snow. One guy by the road, some lady asking parents about kids being home from school, some dweeb with a ruler measuring his snow and comparing it another guy’s snow. Ugh. It’s awful.

Personally, I have to go into the office, my day job requires it. But truth be told, I never really found that to be that challenging. First, I make sure my vehicle is ready for this grueling task. I go in really early. The news tells people to stay off the roads and they actually do. Roads are not always plowed but they’re passable. And once I’m finally at work, it’s kind of nice and quiet – I can get stuff done.

So, do you drive to work in the snow?

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