Hooniverse Asks- Could McLaren Trump Ferrari in the Status Symbol War?

Ferrari vs McLaren

For many, Ferrari is autodom’s most venerated and aspirational marque. Oh sure there’s Rolls Royce, but that’s more popular with the driven-around set than those who prefer to DIY it. Ferrari has done everything they can to have kept their mystique alive, including limiting production numbers and maintaining an aura around the brand, even to the point of enraging potential buyers, that pretty much all other makers envy. But could they be toppled by an upstart company from Great Britain?

McLaren of course has already secured its road car bona fides with the F1, a limited-production no holds barred super car from the nineties that was for a time the quickest road car on the planet. Very few have had the opportunity to sample that amazing performance realization in the metal, but the marque has now brought a pair of cars to series production – the MP4-12C and P1 – that are considered by many to be Ferrari rivals, in perhaps everything but that mystique.

But could they capture that title as well? Could McLaren topple Ferrari as the ultimate dream of every teenage boy and girl, and the unparalleled expression of social and financial obtainment? What do you think, could McLaren trump Ferrari in the status symbol war?

Images: e90 Posts, TheRichest

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