Hooniverse Asks: Bugatti breaking through 300, impressed or couldn’t care less?

Yesterday, we told you about a bit of fast news courtesy of Molsheim’s finest. A modified Bugatti Chiron was driven to a top speed of just under 305 miles per hour. It’s an insane number for a what’s essentially a production vehicle.

But do you care? Are you impressed?

There’s no denying that it’s a monumental achievement. We’ve relatively quickly jumped from 200 mph being a crazy speed mark, on up to 240. Then 250 arrived and eventually the 270 mark fell courtesy of the Koenigsegg crew. Now we’ve arrived at 300+. And it suddenly feels less dramatic. I think part of this is related to the editing of the video.

It’s downright serene. That could be the desired effect here though, since Bugatti would want to display the fact that its amazing machine can comfortably (relatively speaking) hit outrageous speeds.

This top speed demonstration reminds me a bit of the circular nature of another arena of record smashing adventure. The Nürburgring. It’s there where production and race cars set ever faster times. At first it was thrilling. Over time, we began to get bored with the latest bit of time keeping from the Green Hell. But I feel that’s come around again, thanks to ever faster production cars and wicked racing and electric vehicles driven by those dispatching mind bending runs.

Three hundred miles per hour. What a mental number. And yet I’m here curious if you’re impressed or if you couldn’t care less.

Let me know, below.

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