Hooniverse Asks Bonus: What is the best* dash cam?

dash cam I have made a decision to purchase a dash cam for my family car for many obvious reasons. But, it’s damn difficult to figure out what’s what, what size, etc. Here are my requirements:

  • Fairly affordable, under $150, hence the asterisk in the title.
  • Small, dark color, don’t want to look too much like a dash cam.
  • Permanent (-ish) installation.
  • Auto on/off recording with ignition on.
  • 30-60 minute video capacity, maybe more.
  • Maintenance free – basically I don’t want to touch it unless I have to get the video off it.

Does anyone know anything about dash cams? Pros, cons, what’s best, etc? Any help would be appreciated. Some of my friends recommended this. Thanks! [Image source: 9thgencivic.com]

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