A new year could bring a new you… or a new thing to you. I know I’m eyeballing a handful of vehicles at the moment, as I think I want something new in my life. No, I am not getting rid of the Montero. Yes, the Wombat is still “about to enter the shop” where it’s parked. Right now though, I miss some V8 action. I also miss having a Euro sedan. So my Craigslist search terms are all over the place. I think I want to add a new project in 2021 though, and here’s what I’m looking at right now.

Old, American, and Big

At this moment, the price point on early 70’s Cadillacs is almost shockingly low. Rust-free solid runners are priced at a point just in reach of my meager budget. I wouldn’t be able to fit it in my garage, which would be a bummer. But it would dock in my driveway as a notice to all my neighbors that the USS Bad Decision is in port ready to thrum up a 500 cubic-inch engine at a moment’s notice.

Euro Snob

The idea of owning an E38 BMW is one I can’t shake. And this is even after talking to “those who know”. They all say how terrible of an idea this would be, as parts are wickedly expensive and hard to reach. Maybe that’s why you can find seemingly clean examples for even less than the above-mentioned Cadillacs.

I’m also eyeing various Mercedes-Benz products and, even worse than the E38, old Jaguars. Why do I do this to myself? I don’t know but if I can find one cheap enough that works, I’d be happy. Because if it then broke, I would be fun letting it go for nothing. I just want something fun and comfortable to cruise around in until my wagon is done.

So how about you? Any projects tickling your brain into smooth submission at the moment?