Hooniverse Asks: Are you paying attention to Formula 1?

Formula 1 traveled to Canada this past weekend. The Canadian Grand Prix, held at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, saw a familiar face and team in the top spot. Lewis Hamilton won in his mighty Mercedes. But he didn’t do so without some controversy. That confused finish isn’t Hamilton’s fault though, its Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel at the center of this one.

Vettel was in the lead and staving off a charge from Hamilton. He entered a tight section of the track, where the car oversteered a bit. He corrected but then ran a bit wide through a grass section. Vettel re-entered the track, saw a quick dash more oversteer, but corrected and flowed back into the racing line.

Hamilton radioed that this was an unsafe maneuver. The stewards agreed and dished out a five-second penalty, which would be tacked on to Vettel at the end of the race. This all but ensured a victory for Hamilton, who merely had to maintain a pace within the five-second gap he was now given.

Here’s a good breakdown of what happened: https://streamable.com/m9yis

All of this lead up brings me to a question… Are you paying attention to Formula 1? If so, what are your thoughts on the Canadian Grand Prix? And on the officiating in general?

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18 responses to “Hooniverse Asks: Are you paying attention to Formula 1?”

  1. fede Avatar

    I do pay some attention, but it’s getting harder. the races just aren’t entertaining (maybe some are, but not enough). Last year I suscribed to the official streaming, but I didn’t renew it, just not worthy for me. Everything seems to be managing things, tires, fuel, gaps, etc.
    This race controversy did not help…

    Blancpain GT3 for free on YouTube is better (John Watson is a great commentator)

  2. Bryce Womeldurf Avatar

    Not lately aside from the rage I saw on Twitter this weekend. Got bored of seeing the same two guys win all the time. And every time a story comes up about F1, it’s always a discussion of rules or tires or fuel or something else that puts me to sleep. I’d rather be watching IMSA or vintage racing.

    1. Tiller188 Avatar

      Actually, that raises an interesting question — where does one find good vintage racing content? I love going to the Motorsports Reunion in Monterey, and every time somebody posts a video here from Goodwood it looks amazing, but I have no idea whether there are other good sources of vintage racing coverage outside of the occasional big event like that.

      1. Bryce Womeldurf Avatar

        Yeah, me neither. I used to be able to watch some locally in St Pete when HSR was racing before the IndyCar race, but HSR was replaced with Stadium Super Trucks a few years ago. Now I have to go all the way to Sebring or Daytona. I cover it when I go, but it’s only a couple times a year at most.

  3. mdharrell Avatar

    No, but then again I also don’t pay much attention to the racing that takes place within the series in which I’m allegedly participating as a driver and an official, so, you know, don’t read too much into that.

  4. Lokki Avatar

    Yes…. the penalty was wrong and ruined the race.

    1. outback_ute Avatar

      I am not so sure, there was an extra explanation that Vettel contrived an extra correction to block Hamilton. I wonder if Hamilton had gone for a tight exit whether Vettel would have been miraculously able to hold a tighter line also? Would not surprise me.

      On following F1, I used to watch as many races live as I could, but have found since local tv coverage has reverted to highlights late the night after (which I usually watch the following night) that has been sufficient.

  5. Zentropy Avatar

    Nope, and not likely to start.

  6. Ross Ballot Avatar
    Ross Ballot

    Following closer this year than I ever have. And…really enjoying it. First time I’ve paid attention to a racing series in probably a decade.

  7. onrails Avatar

    I stopped ‘avid’ F1 watching when the kids were born (last full season I remember is when Button/Brawn won) and as soon as it wasn’t a priority I lost track. My wife and I catch almost all of the MotoGP races and I’ve been recording IndyCar this year. MotoGP is about right for our schedule. The race is over in an hour, and it’s a lot of fun to watch. Passing not in the pits, no fuel saving, DRS, pit stops, just wide open insanity. IndyCar has been good racing, but it’s difficult to keep up with both (though the rainy days help), so probably back to just MotoGP next year.

  8. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar

    I haven’t paid attention to F1 since the first turbo V6 generation ended in …um…89?

  9. Christopher Tracy Avatar
    Christopher Tracy

    I’ve been pretty faithful since 2013. My enthusiasm this year is waning quickly. I’d love to see anyone but the silver arrows win. Even when a red car crosses the line first, Mercedes still wins… Boring.

  10. Manxman Avatar

    I guess I haven’t followed F1 since the days when tires were the same size as those on the family wagon. Wow, I just realized I’ve turned into an old man.

  11. crank_case Avatar

    I pay more attention to the tech than the races. What bugs me about F1 is it’s a no-mans land. On the one hand, it’s not exactly easy for the underdogs to be competitive. On the other, it no longer fills its role as the absolute technical pinnacle of motorsport anymore. It’s not formula Ford, it ought to be the big boys table for absolute bleeding edge innovation, but too much has been banned over the years from 4WD to ground effect. Hillclimb or WEC seem to be the ones pushing the boudaries now.

    It’s becoming single seat Nascar with Ferrari Baseball hats.

  12. gerberbaby Avatar

    No I don’t. And now your question makes me wonder What’s Formula 2? and How many Formulas are there?

    1. Fuhrman16 Avatar

      Formula Two is a slightly lower, more cost effective version of Formula One, used as a “feeder” series for drivers working they’re way up. It wound up getting replaced by Formula 3000 in the 80’s, only to be revived in 2009, killed off again, then revived a second time in 2017. And there is several formula series (F1, F2, F3, F4, F3000, F-BMW, F-Ford, F-VW, etc.) The formula name is basically a catch all in the FIA for open wheeled, single seater race cars.

      1. gerberbaby Avatar

        How about that. I had no idea… You learn more here by accident than elsewhere by design. As the great Joe Soucheray would say..(Minnesota radio personality)

  13. Sjalabais Avatar

    Formula 1 has not been exciting to me in my lifetime. Totally unrelatable, elitist and corrupt waste of money that could just as well be on a different planet.


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