Formula 1 traveled to Canada this past weekend. The Canadian Grand Prix, held at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal, saw a familiar face and team in the top spot. Lewis Hamilton won in his mighty Mercedes. But he didn’t do so without some controversy. That confused finish isn’t Hamilton’s fault though, its Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel at the center of this one.

Vettel was in the lead and staving off a charge from Hamilton. He entered a tight section of the track, where the car oversteered a bit. He corrected but then ran a bit wide through a grass section. Vettel re-entered the track, saw a quick dash more oversteer, but corrected and flowed back into the racing line.

Hamilton radioed that this was an unsafe maneuver. The stewards agreed and dished out a five-second penalty, which would be tacked on to Vettel at the end of the race. This all but ensured a victory for Hamilton, who merely had to maintain a pace within the five-second gap he was now given.

Here’s a good breakdown of what happened:

All of this lead up brings me to a question… Are you paying attention to Formula 1? If so, what are your thoughts on the Canadian Grand Prix? And on the officiating in general?