Hooniverse Asks: Are Production Car Interiors Too Dull These Days?

928 Pasha Interior Hey, I really like the interior on your car. What color grey is that?  You may or may not remember the ’70s and early ’80s and what a terrible time it was for automotive performance. Even if you do remember that era as a low point for horsepower, you might not recollect that it was also a high point for interior design. Maybe those amazing interiors were the automakers way of making up for all the crappy performance. We have very few cars today that have laudable interiors. Oh sure, Audi makes some of the best, and Volvo’s pretty good too, but they’re still pretty dull and conformist. Where are the psychedelic upholstery patterns? Where have all the adjustable instrument clusters and control pods sprouting like vestigial limbs of years past? Where even are the audacious chrome interiors of the sixties with their swiveling seats and “magic eye” sensors? Interiors today are probably the best they’ve ever been when you take quality into account. They are however, some of the worst when you consider over the top design or the ability to tell you the door is ajar in a scratchy pre-recorded voice, and who doesn’t want to hear that? Have we gained back our performance, and gained previously unobtainable levels of quality, only at the cost of audaciousness and delight? What do you think, are modern car interiors just too damn dull? Image: Anthomobile

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