Hooniversal Secret Ninja Claus Tell All: The Post Easter Edition

IMG_4701 So since there has been the passage of at least three major holidays since the Hooniversal Secret Ninja Claus Holiday 2016, this olelongrooffan figured the time was about right for we Hoons to share what we received from our fellow Hoons this past Hoonimas. This was the first year this olelongrooffan was fortunate enough to be the Secret Santa’s helper and man was it a project. But in the end, all was well. The final Hoonigift finally reached its destination in early February so the posting of this at the end of March only seems correct. This olelongrooffan was on the receiving end of Hoonimas from a first time participant and was asked by my benefactor what I wanted? “Hell, Man, I don’t know. A couple Hot Wheels cars and a bag of Reeses? Whatever you want.” And that is just what this olelongrooffan found in my rural style mailbox just down the street from my cabin on Christmas morning as I was en route to NotSoLilJim’s hacienda for a kid filled Christmas day with 2 young girls and 2 teenage boys. Thanks Man. I regifted that stuff and the girls loved the Reeses, even if it was 10 am when they got them and those boys? Well, NotSoLilJim and Bus_Plunge and this olelongrooffan educated them youngsters on the tradition of the old standby guy gift, Hot Wheels. This olelongrooffan doesn’t even remember what I sent off to my recipient for Hoonimas but I hope it was as appreciated. So anyway my fellow Hoons, do you remember what you got? Let’s see. Image Copyright Hooniverse 2016/longrooffan

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