Hoonivercinema: Tour Iceland's 'Route One' in Real Time with Sigur Rós

In my younger days when I was in bands and followed music more closely, it wouldn’t have taken me six months to notice that Icelandic ambient band Sigur Rós had released a concept recording of sorts. Ever the proponents of their volcanic home island, Sigur Rós teamed up with the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service to tour the entire country by bus on the 2016 Solstice and record a soundtrack to accompany the trip. This was done by circumnavigating the country on Route One (also the title of the resulting videos), the ring road that runs mostly around the island’s perimeter with. The road skirts craggy volcanic mountains, treeless plains, and barren seashores and because of its northerly latitude, the Solstice provides enough light to see it all. And the soundtrack plays while the trip unfolds in real time, totaling 24 hours on a leisurely jaunt around the 1,200-kilometer road.

The skies are typically gloomy with the occasional dash of sun peeking through and while parts of the geography will recall Alaska, the Upper Midwest, and maybe Scotland, Iceland is very much its own place. The video starts and ends in the capital of Reykjavik, itself a typically Nordic city with long, low buildings and rolling hills. The music is probably not for everyone, nor is 24 hours of real-time tourist video, but it’s downright relaxing to throw this on and just stare at the alien landscapes unfolding ahead of the bus in 1080p. Here’s Part 1, of which I’ve only made it through about 2-1/2 hours at this point, but this will be regular viewing until I’ve made it through. And then I’ll buy a plane ticket and do it all myself.

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4 responses to “Hoonivercinema: Tour Iceland's 'Route One' in Real Time with Sigur Rós”

  1. casho2015 Avatar

    That is pure chill

  2. Sjalabais Avatar

    It’s lovely. Will put it on a screen an evening soon. I have driven on parts of the road and the conclusion that I need to return for more took mere minutes.

  3. Hatchtopia Avatar

    This is awesome. Been thinking about an Iceland trip, and have enjoyed Sigur Ros’ music for a while now as well. The iPod will be first on the packing list if we make the trip.

  4. CraigSu Avatar

    There are days when I miss driving Setra motor coaches. I’d love to drive one around Iceland for a tour group.
    Then I remember places like DC. The company I used to drive for has their entire fleet booked for the Inauguration this week. DC is the worst place to drive a motor coach (even worse than NYC) that I know of on the US East Coast. It’s been 5 years since I worked for them; the DC regulations were onerous and the fines were extortion level. You couldn’t idle your bus for more than 2 minutes to let passengers on/off (not good on a hot day where the AC needs to run constantly for passenger comfort). Getting caught for that was $1000 per bus per incident! There are specific parking lots for buses that are required if you can’t find a private lot and, of course, none of them are convenient. There are streets where buses aren’t allowed, period, and they’re not always conspicuously marked.
    I feel sorry for the drivers there this weekend. They will more than earn their pay.

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